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Can finding Singles Dating Amsterdam be full of land mines? You want to know what might be stopping you to enter the dating world. Amsterdam is filled with single women and single men looking to date. Singles dating in Amsterdam are looking for just that. We all think about loving someone. Finding someone to love. Meeting someone to care about etc, but have you ever wondered to be loved by someone?

The trouble is most of the time we are thinking about what we want and what we need and focus only on that. I would say I use to think like that but over the time my thinking has ‘evolved’ and now I also incorporate whether if I am being loved by someone or not.

It’s easy to fall in love, but is it? The problem is with the definition of love. It’s meaning changes from people to people and that my friends is the biggest problem. Singles dating comes with it’s benefits and challenges.

Extents of Love

Would you consider one night stand love? Or you would prefer short time love with multiple people or long time love with one person. You might rather have someone who will treat you like a precious gem for a little while and then let you go like you were never there or you would rather have someone just so you can feel that you are in a “relationship”?

Meeting single people who are right for you as a unique individual is not only hard but becomes harder as we age. Don’t get me wrong growing old has nothing to do with love or being loved by someone. It is to do becomes wiser overtime. As we get wiser over the years we not only learn about other people and the world but most importantly we learn about ourselves as who we are. Then only we can define what is it that we are looking for in a partner AFTER we have defined ourselves. That is the first step I believe in finding and meeting the right single person worth dating.

Single Dating Amsterdam at age of 25

We are all at different stages in our journeys in knowing about who we are. Suppose you are a 25 year old woman. You might think that you want to meet someone who is bit older than you, usually that is the case with women they want someone bit older than them(Whole different conversation so I will leave that to another time). Singles dating can sometimes come down to luck. So you go for someone say in the age range of 25 to 30-ish but since we all have different experiences that person might be ‘behind’ and be equivalent of 25 years.

You would feel and tell yourself that yes this person meets my criteria and you are getting someone. Some time pasts and then you realize that something is missing or it’s not ‘right feeling’. The answer to these problems in any relationship is very complex. Given the scenario you most likely think that since the guy is behind 5 years he is lacking and that is why it’s not working.

We all like to think that the problem is in the ‘other person’ but not within ourselves.  We all like to blame the others when things don’t go in the direction we want them to. But the reality is that this example the woman might be having hard to level up the guy or come down few levels herself so that they can be at the same page. And of course the guy needs to do exactly the same. These are some of the hurdles when it comes to world of singles dating.

Singles Dating Machines

People are not machines! Neither is the case with singles dating and meeting each other a mechanical process. We work with machines and computers so much in our lives that our expectations from our partners have started to mirror the expectations as if they are some sort of device as if on a push of a button we deserve the right response. This is a wrong approach. Have you never made mistake yourself? If the answer is no, then don’t expect others to be a super human being. Of course we have to draw lines of what sort of mistakes we would put up with but the key is to relax, breathe and help and education the other person so you have better understanding of each other and consequently become a good team.

Amsterdam is filled with wonderful single people who are looking to meet and date others. That is why we organize Face to Face Dating Events for Singles in Amsterdam. Singles attend from across the country specially from Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Hague. Join us sometime.

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Meet Singles Face to Face in Events organized in Netherlands


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