Something has come up and I can’t attend the Singles Event

As per our terms and conditions sales are final because it would be unfair on other candidates who couldn’t book because the seat was unavailable and unfair on us because we work very hard to keep finding singles all the singles together. Booking with us is not only a commitment your decision to find your loved one but also a proof to us that you are serious in attending. We understand that you may have something pop up and you won’t be able to attend. In that case we offer you 4 options.

  • Send in a friend in your place(same sex and same age group) Most recommended option!
  • Ask for refund(only if event starts more than 30 days)
  • Contact us and we might reschedule you to another date*(depends at our discretion and availability)
  • If none of the options work for you still let us know and we will give you 15% discount on your next booking(only if you have advised in advance of your non attendance)!

If none of the options works for you, still do let us know that you won’t be attending as a gesture of your kindness so that we can open seat for someone else. We believe it wouldn’t be right if other singles are expecting X number of singles and there are less. We already keep number of seats to low as possible to it is very crucial that every one attends. If you can’t attend kindly contact us and let us know!

In any case if you have any questions just contact us

Amsterdam is filled with wonderful single people who are looking to meet and date others. That is why we organize Face to Face Dating Events for Singles in Amsterdam. Singles attend from across the country specially from Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Hague. Join us sometime.

Meet Singles Face to Face in Events organized in Netherlands


>>> We run singles evening in Amsterdam once a month <<<

Happy Dating!

Meet Singles Face to Face in Events organized in Netherlands


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