Amsterdam for Single Travelers

Singles travelling solo to Amsterdam is nothing new. Traveling on your own has become easy and convenient. Ryanair and Easyjet are to biggest airlines offering cheap rates to come for a weekend or weeks holiday.There is tons to do here and Amsterdam is well known for it’s RDL(Red Light District) located in De Wallen is a hub for tourists from around the world and as single traveler traveling here is always amusing because of great variety of things to do. Meeting other single travelers can be tricky.

Let’s get down to find out exactly how could you meet other single travelers or even local singles whilst your stay in the low lands.

Where to meet other singles in Netherlands?

The top city where lots of parties and events is no double city of Amsterdam followed by Utrecht and Rotterdam. Amsterdam hosts plenty of dance parties, food festivals, music performances, art exhibitions and fashion shows. Going to these events would surely give single people an opportunity to socialize and bump into other expats and locals but running into someone who is also single is far fetched scenario mainly for two, no three reasons.

Troublesome for Single Travelers

Reason #1

They are not available or already hooked up. This is a huge problem. Most of people of the street go to these events with the boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives and even bring their children along so there that takes out a whole chunk out of the pie of the people being “not available”. Even if they are at these events they might already have someone so they woulnd’t be interested to take the small chat to another level where you would exchange contact details. This just isn’t happening.

Reason #2

You don’t live in Netherlands. Another issue is location. Most people find partners in the city they live in. Travel hook ups are short lived and temporary and they don’t end up turning into a relationship for many reasons.

Reason #3

Language. Apart for Amsterdam. In most Dutch cities Dutch is the form of language. In any of the parties you would attend you would be hearing Dutch and it can be uncomforting to jump in with English and then for them it’s also a depart from having to speak English just for you. Not they would mind but it’s just another brick standing in your way to mingle.

With the issues highlighted we have put together a guide for single travelers coming to Amsterdam or any other city for that matter to help them increase their chances to meet other single people travelers or not.

Tips for Single Travelers coming to Netherlands

Tip#1: Type of accommodation

Depending on your budget there are option to stay in an expensive hotel or a budget shared hostel. It is clear that staying in hotel leads to less interaction with other travelers. I’m not sure what it is but people traveling on a budget seems more interested to strike up a conversation.

Hostels are filled with usually travels and not to mention solo travelers. If you do decide to take up this option you could introduce yourself to some people you run into and tell them what places you are going to be visiting and offer them to join you.

Most likely they would be doing something similar and it’s almost guaranteed that either they will join you or they will offer to join them. Staying in Airbnb is the worst thing you can do while traveling on your own, unless you place your comfort above meeting other single travelers. In Amsterdam Airbnb has become unaffordable since the local council has placed restrictions on rooms people can let out to travelers.

Tip#2: Location of stay

The closer you can stay to city center the better. This means less time traveling to events and parties and more time being there. It will also save you money since travel cost in Netherlands is not very cheap. In Amsterdam there is area called “The Ring” which is highway circling the city. It’s always best to stay within this area. If you are outside this ring then you are bit too far for Amsterdam parties and events.

Tip#3: Attend Events and Concerts

Look up agenda what events and concerts are lined up during your stay in Amsterdam and attend them. Avoid places like museums and libraries. has become very famous for all sorts of activities however avoid joining up things like running, cycling, exercising, joya type of things on it because you hardly get to speak with anyone there. RSVP to something where you get a chance to sit down and talk with others. I believe this is a great way to meet people. Here is group organized by me called Friends…Maybe More Amsterdam. The aim of this group is to meet other people and make friends and it’s open to everyone of all ages. We meet every Saturday between 3 to 6pm. Check it out.

Tip#4: Length of stay

If you are coming to Netherlands for pleasure it would be recommended to come over for no less than a week. There are travelers who come over the weekend but then you can forget about even getting a feel of the city let alone meeting some single travelers, expats or locals. Of course the longer you stay higher the chances to meet someone here. In general the locals prefer hooking up with someone who lives here but it can happen that they are keen to travel to your country or ask you to visit again to form a relationship. It can happen. It all depends on who you meet and how they feel about you.

Tip #5: Go out and Have Fun

Amsterdam is a party city. When I first came here I really loved it and I still do. The city is surrounded by canals and boats which instills beauty and romance. For myself I find it discomforting to talk to strangers and usually most people come out with their friends. No matter how hard it seems go out and stay out as late as you can. Night clubs and “Coffee Shops” around Rembrandtplein makes number one spot if you haven’t got anything lined up. Traveling alone has it’s freedom but can be difficult but worth doing it. We hope your stay goes smooth and you meet with plenty of single people, travelers or not. Happy fishing!

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