Dating Questions to Ask on a Date

Here are dating questions to ask on a Date. You are Single and you got yourself a Date. Lucky you but you are unclear or just want to know to which questions you should ask your date to keep him or her engaged yet not spook them in any way. Here is list of dating questions we have gathered just for you. These dating questions are unisex meaning doesn’t man if you are man or woman and who the question is directed to. You are excited and want to know everything about them.

You want to have endless conversation with them but can’t go too far too soon. Try these date questions which are sexy but safe to ask, controversial yet good openers. These are not crazy outlandish dating questions like what animal would you be for a day or if you could fly or such non sense if kept off. These are realistic dating questions to ask on your date to show them you are sophisticated and practical kind of person.

  1. Are you a Donald Trump supporter? Most likely the answer is straight off big “No” and you would both might agree and get going how he is protecting America and ignoring the world. I know what you are thinking, next.
  2. What is your favorite song? You might get different answer depending how much of age difference between you and your date partner have. There is high chance that you would know the song they tell you. If you do the song might just play in both of your heads and you sing away.
  3. What is your favorite food? Pretty good question to ask your date. We all eat and there is something we really like to eat. Find out what is their favorite dish. Maybe you can bring them out to another date to have it somewhere in town.
  4. Do you have a pet? This is a big personality finder. People with pets are caring and nurturing. It also shows their need to receive back love. Having pets is work and costly so find out more whether they have any pets. What type of pets they have. What are their names etc.
  5. How did you do when you were in school? This dating question opens up a whole plethora of followup dating questions and you get to find out if the person you are dating is more on go by the book side or go by the just doing it side.
  6. Do you drink much? Alcohol drinks or not? If you are much into drinking beer or the daily red or white wine then you get to find out if they will join you for it. A lot of people avoid alcohol and stick to Tea and Coffee sort of drinks so if you are into that then you surely would want to know about it!
  7. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Hopefully the answer isn’t straight off “this one” hahahaha. We hope not. If that’s the case then they would love to share their memory of it.
  8. What’s your best favorite movie of all time? Guys usually come up with “Terminator” or something of that sort while women always stick to “The Notebook” Do a little game. Ask your date to write their favorite movie on piece of paper while you do the same and then reveal to see if they are same movies!
  9. Where do you want to go on your next holiday? This question is very inviting for your date partner because they probably answer this question with you in mind and might want your input on it before they can fully answer it. A great joyful talk.
  10. Where do you see yourself in five years time? A great long conversation starter.
  11. What’s your dream job? This one will let you know whether they enjoy the job they are currently in. Most likely it’s not the case. Find out more.
  12. Do you believe in love? With this question on your date you find out if they want to fall in love or not. Usually if the answer is no, they have been hurt in the past and it doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in love. It just means you have to work harder for them to fall in love again. If the answer is yes then they are clear that they want to be in love.
  13. How often do you go to McDonalds? Usually McDonalds is a place for parents with kids however there are single people out there who wouldn’t mind going there for their dinner. Find out how they dine or what’s their favorite place to eat.
  14. Do you want to get married one day? These days people are not too keen on marriage. With so many divorces and unhappy married couples no wonder people don’t want to sign their life away with just one person. This question you can both talk about what you think about marriage.
  15. Are you a needy or selfish person? You may not exactly get 100% honest answer to this question to ask on your date but it’s worth asking and it might just serve it’s purpose.

We hope these dating questions would get you something to talk about while you are on a Date. Comment below with some good dating questions you know of.

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