Are You in a Serious Relationship?

You looking to find or be in a serious relationship. If you are not lucky enough to meet someone amazing as you then it’s even harder to meet someone who also wants to have a serious relationship. If you are dating someone there is always a questions of in which direction it’s going to go for. If you are looking for something serious then you would want other person to be serious as well. Naturally in a lot of the dating scene this does not turn out to be the case. So what should you do to avoid having spent couple of months meeting someone here and there only to find out that “they are not as serious as you”. Let’s find out.


Soon or later you will come to learn if the person you are dating is also meeting other people. This shows level of seriousness from them towards you. Not to mention the same rule applies to you. If you are meeting or looking to meet other people than don’t expect monogamous response from the person you are dating. However this does not mean that this relationship cannot turn into something serious over time. Time tells which direction it goes. You may very well be interested in this person for life but just want to take your time. If your dating partner is serious with you but you aren’t then that person has to wait long to see what way you want things before they cut you off. That’s how I feel anyway because if they leave you for not being serious then they are one not serious with you otherwise they wouldn’t dump you for any good reason.


If the person you are dating looks forward meeting you and makes good efforts to meet you despite being busy hints that this person likes you but this doesn’t always mean they are serious about you. However it is a good sign. Dating someone who is very busy with work is hard because you have less time to be together. If you really like your busy date partner then it may be worth waiting for.


Dating partners in a casual and a serious relationship may decide to be sexually involved. Unfortunately this doesn’t always guarantee a serious relationship because of complexity of both individuals.


A good level of fun indicate a good partnership. This is kind of date partner with whom you most enjoy with. I believe basis of fun and happiness is the best foundation of a solid relationship in which both partners should stick together no matter what and turn it into a serious relationship.


Dating casually will have little or no control over your partner. You can’t expect them to do what you want them to as appose in a serious relationship. A serious relationship is built upon trust, care and in most cases personal sacrifices and with that comes expectations which leads to control. It could be them controlling you or you controlling them in equal or unequal amounts. We are not saying that in a serious relationship there is more control control but we mean that in a serious relationship you have more control. You get it now?


It is clearly visible if the person you are dating is in serious relationship with you or not can depend on what kind of activities you do together. Things like traveling together, going to gym together, going running together, going swimming together, cooking together, going out to eat together, attending shows together etc all indicates towards what kind of relationship you are in with your partner.


Lastly this is probably the biggest spilling of the beans. If you and your partner live together then you are mostly(once again not always) in a serious relationship.

All relationships are unique and for that reason it is completely up to you how you assess the situation to be. We hope you find what you are looking for be it something casual to have a good time or something serious in which you do have good time but you also stick together in bad times.

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