Dating Dutch Woman

Is Dating Dutch Woman impossible?

Is Dating Dutch Woman impossible? How to meet Dutch women in general and more importantly meet Dutch women to date. Read this guide to learn how to date Dutch woman successfully.

People in Netherlands are very independent financially and emotionally. They believe that they do not need anyone help to support them in any way. This philosophy seeps deep into every aspect of their lives. From school to college, friends to work, they are very social people but do not like to get involved at a deeper level. In my opinion this is to keep hold of their independence.

In other parts of the world when two people come together for dating and marriage or long term relationship, they depend on each other to be there when they need them. This need could be someone who listens to you or helps you with figure out when you are having a bad day and of course someone who holds you close to their heart.

Dating Dutch Men and Women alike

I’ve had plenty of expats living in Netherlands tell me that Dutch guys are boring and not interested in women and that Dutch girls are thick and emotion less. I can’t really comment much about Dutch guys but in my experience Dutch girls are warm, nice, friendly and much more.

They key to any Dutch girl is money in other words Geld en Goud. She doesn’t need to see your bank balance but needs to have enough proof that you have lots of it

After having made the above bold statement I will add that NOT every Dutch woman is after money. Just so I can be politically correct.

But having said that, isn’t this key to any girl from any country in the world? It probably is but no one single of them will admit to it. When girl meets guy there are conditions after conditions so that she can let you in. Into her busy schedule, into her house, into her world. This can take time and requires patience, time and work. Something not many men willing to do. One one wrong move and you are out. Ouch!

The problem is that even guys with money easily fail to get the girls that Dutch woman. That’s because money isn’t the ONLY thing Dutch woman is looking for. They need more, much more.

Dutch people respect someone who is busy. Busy with their life making it better by doing activities and having goals and motivation. If you are a bum who doesn’t do anything but has a large bank account, you would be cornered off and won’t meet a decent Dutch woman except a gold digger who will temporary use you for your money and in time drop you like trash when they have made other plans.

Cook Your Own Meal

Cooking is something I hear over and over again by Dutch woman. They dream a man who not only knows how to cook for himself but also who can cook “Lekker Ete” to share with them. I suppose if you want to impress a Dutch woman take cooking classes or better resign from your profession and become a chef. No joking. Have you ever met any single chefs in Netherlands?

Always Agree with Her

There are ways to agree and disagree with someone. Dutch woman are in no short of personal opinion and how to do something. They are not afraid to speak up whether you should go to the movies or sit in the park. Once she has said what she wants you as a man are left with very little option than to agree with her. Not only that you must let her know why this is the best decision so that she can feel confident that her choices are right one. This will give you plus points because she will confirm in her mind that you are the right guy to be with.

Keep Your Issues to Yourself

This is a big one. Italian men beware! If you are having any issue in life go to a psychologist to talk things through. The Dutch woman is too strong that she prefers not to hear any of it and if you speak to her about your problems she will think that you are a weak man and this is something she cannot put up with. In order for her to prove she is strong woman, she must also only date with a strong man who knows how to deal with issues by himself. You get what I’m sayin’.

Be a Cheap Date

I know what you are thinking but I’m not joking. When you take her out, don’t even consider reserving seats in a flashy restaurant or anything that requires money. Ask her out to sit in front of a gracht(canal) with alcohol from local departmental store. The cheapest date gets the most points. This is rooted in their love for money, the less you spend, more cash must be in your bank account. Go figure. Let’s see how cheap can you get!

Behave like Superman NOT Spiderman

So if you had to choice of being Superman or Spiderman when dating a Dutch woman, who would you be? The right answer my friend is Superman. One big difference between Superman and Spiderman is that Superman lacks emotions and capability to become weak and fall in love. Superman was actually an alien who was sent in a pod from outer space. Spiderman was a man from Earth with natural feelings to love and care. For this main fundamental reason you MUST become Superman and let go of your manly instinct of looking after her something which all normal men are conferred upon.

Care Less

That’s right. You read it correctly. Care less about the Dutch woman which you are dating. If you start showing that you care about her and you will look after her like your family or friend, then consider her gone. This is because she does NOT want to be looked after. This caring act would be an invasion to her freedom and independence. You can be 100% assured that she can take care of herself. She does not need you for that. Treat her like you would any other stranger and you would get along just fine and she will respect you much more.

Keep Your Balls to Yourself

Men at birth usually are inherited with pair of testicles. Dutch women are fully aware of this fact but she does not want to see them so do not try to offer to show your balls to her at any stage of

your dating process and even if she becomes your girlfriend. The reason she doesn’t want to see your balls because her balls are more better and stronger than yours(Balls Made in Netherlands are the best balls in the world) and if you are an expat and you try to show your balls to your Dutch lady friend, she will find it highly strange to the point she no longer wants to see you again.

Hope our advice regarding Dating a Dutch woman brings you plenty of success. Good Luck!

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  1. Haha, very funny, an probably very true. I am a Dutch man, but I haven’t had much succes with Dutch woman. Very frustrating. Almost like ‘love’ is not really part of the process. You have to be successful, have money, be funny, and many more demands. If you make one little mistake, you are finished.


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