Dating Dutch Men

What is it like to Date Dutch Men?

We collected some points about Dutch Men and it may also apply to Dutch people in general.

  • Dutch men are not rude.

    • They are just to the point and straight talking what they think is the more perfectly correct situation. In most countries there is “sugar coating” to make things damp to not hurt someone’s feelings or to avoid sounding rude but in Netherlands the Dutch people are more interested in “saying how it is” and they see nothing wrong with it. So don’t take it personally.
  • Don’t expect a Dutch men to take you out to a fancy place for a date

    • Dutch people and dutch men in particular are not impressed by show offs and material things which most countries are plagued with. They rather pay less for more or less same quality rather than pay more. It all comes down to the concept of efficiency. They see spending money as a waste and they want to reduce this waste by spending less!
  • Dutch men like to stay casual

    • Dutch men don’t like to dress up unless it’s needed like a wedding for example. They will show up on your date like there is nothing special AND ladies they expect you to do the same! They don’t really expect or want you to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror looking the perfect you.
  • Dutch men don’t flirt

    • This information came to me by dutch girls that Dutch men don’t really know or want to flirt. They might tease you a little if it’s scientifically correct. They may not play or fool around like a big kid which we all love in a man now, don’t you ladies! They are just ummm behave normal which is bit boring for most girls. Don’t even think about becoming romantic. Perhaps that is why Dutch women get excited by foreign men.
  • Dutch men follow the program after 1 year

    • Dutch men would normally wait exactly one year before discussing more serious things like marraige, house mortgage, children, living together etc.
  • Be prepared to split all bills starting from your first date

    • This one is not sex limited to just only dutch men. Dutch women also prefers to split the bill. However in most cultures the men is “responsible” for paying the bill at least on the first few dates but this is not the case here. The Dutch men would always split the bill from the start so just so you know ladies don’t think he is being strange or anything, this is just how it goes.

Hope you got some useful information about dating dutch men. Share your experience of dating dutch men by commenting below.

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  1. In the past 2 yrs I’ve used OkCupid(not too thrilled), Plenty Of Fish(which I like), Eharmony which I’m so far displeased with. I haven’t met anyone who corresponds more than a message or two. Most are too far away. I met a romance scammer there and the customer service rep laughed about it. And blamed me as if I allowed him to sign up. Scammers use stolen credit cards and this shows they don’t care where the money comes from. I met 3 other sketchy people on there. I used a long time ago and I don’t like it either. I can say I like POF the best. The responses are no better but I haven’t met a romance scammer on there yet. And I can’t complain, it’s free. I probably won’t use another paid dating site. There are many, many complaints about people being scammed. I have no desire to waste money. time maybe. Honestly the best way to meet people is offline but sometimes that’s near impossible too. Especially for a 40, 50 something.


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