7 Worst Places to Meet Singles in Amsterdam

You are Single. You are in Amsterdam. You want to meet other single people. We have scoured the internet for guides places to go to meet other singles but hardly anyone is talking about places to avoid. No single should spend more time than absolute necessary in these 7 places. Should you want to increase your chances to meet someone nice then avoid these places. Absolutely.

7 Avoid religious establishments

The last time I was in church it must be 1987 and it was filled with old people. Yup that’s right. Places like a church is a honey comb of people waiting to die. LOL I did not just say that. I mean seriously the church is always filled with old people. Most of them probably widowed and decided to remain celibate waiting to be called in heaven. You got my point. Unless it’s raining hard and you desperately need shelter and it’s the only place you can take refuge in, avoid avoid avoid.

Another thing to watch out is that if it isn’t same faith as yours then it is highly likely that the person wouldn’t be interested in you following a different god in the first place. So it’s complete waste of time.

6 Going ‘window’ shopping in opposite sex’s department

If I see a girl browsing through in the boys aisle at clothing store there is only and only one perception created in men’s heads that she is looking for something for her boyfriend. Men would never approach a girl when they see them in the guys clothing area. The second reaction single and not so single men would get is that yuk she’s not available and stay clear of her.

A different reaction comes for woman if they see a man browsing in gir’s clothing department specially if it’s lingerie. That he is either probably looking something for his girlfriend or he is a weirdo. Even if there comes a moment of interaction and further conversation upon learning that the guy is single would ring alarm bells in a woman’s head that what is is doing in the girl’s clothing department if he is single. You get what I’m saying so stay clear of this technique.

5 Your workplace

The norm has it that you meet people where you work but the hard fact is that if that is the case then Julie would have choice of few co workers which she doesn’t really enjoy because of friction created during work. Normally woman would seek “an upgrade” to go for that manager but they are usually much older married men. So choices are limited at workplace. Also in a lof of the companies the management does not like co workers getting much closer. They like to keep everyone uptight, uhum, I meant professional!

4 Hook ups on your Travel

It is common misconception that people meet their significant other when they go on travel. Let’s get the facts straight. When you go to another city or country you don’t suddenly meet more people than how many you could already meet in your current city. It’s all in your point of view. When people go for traveling actually they are more isolated than where they already live because all their friends and relatives are not there. Many people who you do see in hotels / hostels they already have plans and probably with someone. Sure there are singles like you on the travel but they are from another part of the world. That is a HUGE PROBLEM. Not only that the limited time you have to get to know them means that you would have to spend a fortune to go see them again in their local habitat and when people are traveling they are not entirely themselves. So who are you going to create relationship with? If you were successful hooking up with someone while on your travel means it is likely they hook up with other people likewise, so you have to ask yourself do you really want to be with such a problem. I hope not.

3 Meet someone at Seminars

Seminars and workshops are a great place with a huge social vibe. However people are there to achieve a goal and that is why they are there. They have not come to meet you. There is very little time to chat to your sitting seat neighbors and it also depends where you end up sitting in the first place. If there is a break there is definitely a chance to chat up with some other people but then most people just go back to their own seat after the break. Even though I’m not totally against this technique of meeting someone because you and your potential partner share a common interest which is indeed a plus point. So I wouldn’t totally out rule this point. Just make sure that you are going to the these seminars and workshops because you really want to instead of your main goal of meeting someone because you will end up disappointed.

2 At a Bar

Another super huge misconception is that you meet people at the bar while you are drinking. If you haven’t noticed most bars at an addon to a restaurant where people come to eat mostly in groups. So there is no chance you are going to walk up to someone’s table and introduce yourself to these stranger people who were already talking among themselves. You could hang out at the bar and try your luck there but there are people in groups as well. If there is a woman alone by herself she might be waiting for someone and if she is there for same reason as you there is a chance. We aren’t totally against being at the bar but it end up costing a lot in terms of your hours spent hanging around and in terms of your pocket money buying drinks because it’s highly weird to be at the bar without a drink. Also to include that this could lead to over drinking which is not good for ones health. Lastly on this point bars not necessarily attracts the same kind of crowd for dating area. Bars are great for friends and parties etc. If you do decide to go this route then bring a friend along so that you could have a great time while being there catch or no catch. It’s more attractive if you already have a friend who can validate for you that how great of a person you are!

1 Going to Library Hoping to Meet Someone

This is probably the worst idea handed out in the history of advices in the dating world. Go to library and bookstores. Do you really think it is appropriate to disturb someone who is reading a book or working on their homework in a cell phone mute and no talking area such as a library? If common sense was common then everyone would know that this is a bad idea. You cannot expect to hit up a chat someone at a library and then ask them out for a date. We are not saying it’s not possible, nothing is impossible including time travel but it’s about likelihood of something happening is what counts. Stay clear of libraries if you want to meet someone for dating purposes.

I hope I have given good insights on 7 places where it is pretty much useless trying for a date. There are plenty of other good ways which I will present next time, so come back again to find the out.

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