How to Date Dominant Dutch Alpha Feminist Female

In the Netherlands feminism is considered modern and open minded way of thinking. No matter who you are or where you from.

Confident, outspoken, financially independent are the traits for an alpha female who likes to be dominant or in other words “on top”. For most men it is too intimidating to date an alpha female or simply put a feminist.

Feminism: “Feminism incorporates the position that societies prioritize the male point of view, and that women are treated unfairly within those societies.” – Wikipedia

Men can easily get feeling of guilt of not being good enough for her if your alpha female is financially more successful than you. However this could be sign of guy’s own insecurities but this is normal and understandable. From the feminist alpha woman’s point of view this is how it should be, this is equality, which in turn isn’t equal at all.

To have success with this dominant successful feminist woman you need to be just as confident because she wants someone as confident as her.

Feminism and a macho woman is probably less than 100 years old and deep behind in the neurons is the same thousands of years old hard wired code of being a submissive woman waiting for a man to take charge or at least step up to her. That my friend is impressive and more hard to actually do.

Most men will fail to have this alpha dominant female they are after simply put is because we aren’t used to it. Well get used to it guys because it is here to stay.

For example, choosing where to have dinner.  We should all value our opinions and let others know our choices. From the options available she would pick the one which is the “best choice” and there is nothing you can do about it, sir.

Insecure women obsessed over inequality between men and woman will go almost anything to be one step higher men. This is to feed their ego to keep them sane. For example there are more men serial killers then women, I wonder why. Why can’t women get on this race and start beating men in the serial killing race. This is because women are more political then men. They play their cards very carefully.

They have mood swings and depending on their cycle they you either rub you in or they will rub you out. They work hard and earning that money and when they do that they need a submission caring man who can tenderly caress her, just as a man expects after coming from a long hard day at work. You get me.

Don’t try to compete with your alpha female dutch woman, because no matter what you do, you will lose. So become submissive man and let her take control of things. There can only be one king in the jungle, one lion in the herd kind of thing.

It’s better if you enjoy our feminism with us, if you can’t beat her join her right, this way everyone is happy. If this isn’t what you wanted this you should be looking somewhere else because this cookie isn’t going to crack. Show us that you are ok with being told what to do. In short become a submissive man. Become a true dating success story, a legend.

There is a lot of sexism at work against women and they have to “man up” whole lot more to keep their positions. This understandably takes a toll on her psychologically and when she comes homes this power trip is hard to stop. Occupational hazards are real and so people bring their jobs home with her, sad but true. So you be a nice man and give her a break by letting her do and act the way she wants. This is your chance to let her know how much you care about her and love her unconditionally.

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