How to Date Dominant Dutch Alpha Feminist Female

In the Netherlands feminism is considered modern and open minded way of thinking. No matter who you are or where you from. Confident, outspoken, financially independent are the traits for an alpha female who likes to be dominant or in other words “on top”. For most men it is too intimidating to date an alpha … Read more

Why You Should Not Care About Valentines Day?

Happy Valentines Day to the world and Happy Valentines Day to Netherlands! Gefeliciteerd to everyone who has a partner to be with on this special day celebrated around the world. For those of you who aren’t that lucky on this day don’t feel any less of yourself. There are numerous reasons why one may find … Read more

7 Worst Places to Meet Singles in Amsterdam

You are Single. You are in Amsterdam. You want to meet other single people. We have scoured the internet for guides places to go to meet other singles but hardly anyone is talking about places to avoid. No single should spend more time than absolute necessary in these 7 places. Should you want to increase … Read more