Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

On occasions we might have to cancel or reschedule event. We would like to assure our members that we try our best to hold the announced events. However sometimes we may not have enough bookings and for that reason we have to reschedule the event.

In case we cancel the event:

Full refund is offered back with same payment method. This excludes if there weren’t enough bookings and you are offered to be on waiting list until next event date.

In case we reschedule:

We put you on waiting list until we have even numbers from both sex groups.

It can happen that we have too many girls and not enough guys and sometimes we have too many guys and not enough girls.

In this case we do not offer refund because the event is still going to happen but at a different date. If you cannot attend that date you stay on waiting list until next event date. If you still insist refund then we will deduct 50% cancellation charges and send you the rest. If you have joined our waiting list for non-frequent events for different age groups or different orientation same rule applies.


Please be sure to un-spam emails from so you don’t miss any updates regarding your booking!


In any case if you have any questions just contact us

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>>> Our aim is to run Date Night once a month but in case of not enough bookings from either sex, we must put you on waiting list until there is balance <<<

Please see rescheduling policy We apologize for the wait but we cannot run event with unbalanced numbers

Happy Dating!

Meet Singles Face to Face in Events organized in Netherlands

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