Seven Worst Places to Meet Singles in Amsterdam

You are Single. You are in Amsterdam. You want to meet other single people. We have scoured the internet for guides places to go to meet other singles but hardly anyone is talking about places to avoid. No single should spend more time than absolute necessary in these 7 places. Should you want to increase your chances to meet someone nice then avoid these places. Absolutely.

Singles avoid religious establishments

The last time I was in church it must be 1987 and it was filled with old people. Yup that’s right. Places like a church is a honey comb of people waiting to die. LOL I did not just say that. I mean seariously the church is always filled with old people. Most of them probably widowed and decided to remain celebate waiting to be called in heaven. You got my point. Unless it’s raining hard and you desparately need shelter and it’s the only place you can take refuge in, avoid avoid avoid.


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